Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oilLavender essential oil Lavender essential oil produced from blossoms of lavender distillation with water vapor. Lavender is an ancient culture of the Mediterranean countries. In Ancient Rome were used as a means for control of communicable diseases, Patricia rubbed lavender essential oil, believing that it protects them from the plague, epidemics. Later this plant began to be cultivated in Italy, France, Bulgaria, and then in Russia in the Crimea, the Kuban and in Moldavia. Inflorescences lavender contain up to 1.2% essential oil, which has a specific sharp, pleasant smell. Worldwide lavender essential oil is the official raw material for drugs that treat septic wounds and gangrene. Lavender essential oil is an exceptional tool for the treatment of burns. If You get burned by boiling water or hot objects, anoint burn this oil and will quickly burn. Even in the years of the first world war, the French doctors used lavender essential oil to treat wounds with severe wounds. It is a good analgesic remedy for sprains, headaches and flatulence, neuralgia. For these purposes apply therapeutic lavender bath, rubbing the painful places lavender alcohol. Lavender oil is widely used for inhalation bronchitis and hoarseness, as it has strong antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, kills many bacteria, especially streptococci and Staphylococcus aureus, many viruses. This explains the significant reduction in the incidence of disease during epidemics of influenza working in enclosed spaces, where they used lavender oil for aromatherapy. The smell of lavender oil a favorite among the French. It is used for perfuming linen, top service. This fragrance is available in a large number of deodorants, shampoos, lotions, toilet waters, eau de colognes. In many countries, lavender oil is used as thinning the bile tool, it limits the process of putrefaction in the intestines, analgesic and carminative action for pain and the stomach and intestines. Irritant effect of lavender oil is manifested in the ways of selection: in the kidneys to increase urine output, so it is used to treat kidney, bladder and renal pelvis; airway increase and liquefy secretions. Due to the property to eliminate spasms of the muscles of the respiratory tract, it has a therapeutic effect in bronchial asthma. Lavender oil is one of the best ways to treat various skin diseases (acne, eczema), for douching in inflammatory processes in gynecology (used lavender water). Found that lavender essential oil has slaboseviciaus and antispasmodic properties. This allows its use in migraine, neurasthenia, nervous palpitations. In therapeutic doses lavender oil reduces the excitability of the Central nervous system, helps normalize the function of the autonomic nervous system, acts as fitomejorador. In this case (to combat insomnia, stress and neurosis) lavender oil is used for: a) General weakness with tendency to lowering of blood pressure; b) fatigue; C) irritability; d) nervous speech disorders, nervous cough; d) bad mood caused by flatulence, lower efficiency after eating; e) skin diseases, including nervous origin; Therapeutic effect is achieved by using aromatherapie (aromatization of indoor air vapors of lavender oil), with warm lavender baths (5 - 8 drops per bath). You can make lavender alcohol - 1% alcohol solution of lavender essential oil - 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. Folk medicine for these purposes, recommends the use of pure lavender essential oil: - it is necessary to oil the whiskey and 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil on a lump of sugar to take (to suck) before going to sleep. The Japanese have found that applying lavender essential oil as a flavoring air in stores, increased sales of goods, as the unique aroma of lavender acts on the mental state of a person, he wants just to be in this room, improves mood and he wants to do something good makes a purchase of goods. Using lavender essential oils as flavoring air in industrial facilities, some companies have increased productivity and quality of operations, a significant reduction in viral diseases. If your apartment or office, feel the pleasant scent of lavender, You have nothing to be afraid of the flu, You can easily breathe, the air seems to become transparent and easy. Closing her eyes and listening to pleasant music, You will be transported to the country of mountains, a warm sea. This air and this feeling is familiar to You is the Crimea or the Mediterranean sea. Source:.

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