Smoking can destroy your liver

Smoking can destroy your liverSmoking can destroy your liver Smoking can aggravate the course of chronic hepatitis C, regardless of the level of alcohol consumption. French researchers, who have identified this pattern in the course of monitoring the health of 244 patients, recommend that people with this diagnosis to give up Smoking or decrease the number of cigarettes smoked daily cigarettes to keep damage to a minimum. This study was performed by doctors from the hospital Henry Mondorf. They examined the Association between histological signs of activity of chronic hepatitis in the liver and Smoking in 152 men and 92 women. Their average age was 45.9 years, and the diagnosis was confirmed morphologically. The information was collected on Smoking in the last six months and in the previous years. Moderate or severe active hepatitis were recorded in 62 percent of non-smokers and 81.7 per cent who smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day. A similar pattern was observed in relation to the area in the past. Those who had never smoked, similar activity was observed in 59 percent of cases, compared with 84.6% in those who smoked more than 20 packs per year..

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