The venereal lymphogranuloma

The venereal lymphogranulomaLymphogranuloma venereal has several names: a) fourth venereal disease; b) inguinal chlamydia; in) lymphogranuloma; d) tropical or climatic bubo; d) disease during-Nicolas-favr. This disease in Russia is extremely rare. It mainly affects the inhabitants of hot countries. In our region it can have only foreigners or tourists returning from Asia or Africa. Disease can be caused by some types of chlamydia, sensitive to the lymphatic tissue. Chlamydia that cause lymphogranuloma venereal, have no relation to chlamydia - pathogens of urogenital chlamydiosis. Symptoms: 10-14 days after sexual contact with a patient on the skin of the genital organs formed small not itchy useracc, which is 24 hours opened, and in its place formed sore. Within 2-3 days the sore heals and... everything seems to be settling down. But this is just the calm before the storm. 45-60 days lymph nodes in the genital area and groin begin to rapidly increase. As growth becomes painful, are soldered between them in the conglomerate. The skin over the lymph nodes acquires a pronounced bluish tint, it formed the sores. In the lymph nodes is inflammation: immune system fights bacteria, protective cells die, pus is formed, outwardly very similar to jelly. Subsequently, the pus formed on passages pulled out from the lymph nodes out. Within 1-2 years (if left untreated) it covers the entire crotch. Moves, bringing the pus can be opened in any part of the intimate zone: on labia, near the anus, etc., In some cases, ulcers can be opened not on the skin, in the abdominal cavity. In this case, we should expect the kidney, liver, spleen, internal genital organs. Often women can be asymptomatic carriers of the causative agent of this unpleasant disease. Diagnosis: based on clinical symptoms. Treatment: the doctor, in particular concentrations within 3-4 weeks the patient takes the sulfonamides, doxycycline, erythromycin. Standard therapeutic doses does not always give a positive effect. Prevention: 1.Condom use; 2.The exception of casual sex. Ivan Yurievich Karotkin, obstetrician-gynecologist.

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