Allergies, it is better not to walk in the morning

Allergies, it is better not to walk in the morningHard time - season flowering plants began to Muscovites with allergies. The first "attack" unfortunate citizens began Zazueta in some districts of the capital birch. As described in the Institute of immunology, April-may is considered the beginning of Allergy season, because at this time bloom almost all the trees. After birch "harm" are alder and hazel. Many also do not always rightly blame my allergies blooming in June, poplar, although this plant is considered to be low allergenic. The mystery lies in the fact that in parallel bloom grasses, such as Timothy, fescue, hedgehog, and others. Poplar fluff is a peddler of pollen these more allelopathic plants. Interestingly, the particular influx of patients happens in the Institute after the may holidays, when predisposed to allergies citizens overeat kebabs, spiced vinegar, and large quantities of alcohol, which contributes to Allergy symptoms. In the spring allergists advise such people to completely eliminate foods that have a cross with pollen allergens tree properties: fruit (except bananas), nuts (except peanuts), paprika, celery, potatoes, honey, any alcohol, especially brandy. And during a hike in the bath is not recommended to use brooms. In addition, in the spring time of the year people included in the "risk" for the development of an Allergy to the pollen of trees, first, you need to avoid walking from 8 to 14 hours a day when there is intense release of pollen. Secondly, if possible, more likely to take a shower and to wash their hands and wear sunglasses and apply eyes and nose special preparations.

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