a Breakthrough in gene therapy?

a Breakthrough in gene therapy?The concept of gene therapy has developed over the last decades. It lies in the fact that the most radical way of struggle with various diseases is the immediate correction or destruction of the genetic nature of the disease and not its consequences. This approach involves the artificial introduction of new genetic information into the affected cell. One of the main means of delivery of this information is the introduction of a viral vector, but, unfortunately, the possibilities of this method are very limited. The fact that the introduction of the virus in the human body is unsafe. The main trouble lies in the possibility of recombination between the introduced defective virus, which itself is safe, and any contained in human DNA retroviral element. The human genome (and all mammals) is literally stuffed with such remnants of past diseases. As a result of recombination can get complete virus. British scientists at Imperial College (London) has developed a unique non-viral method of delivery of DNA into the cell. The essence of the new method is the use as vectors of microscopic gas bubbles with diameter of about 3 microns, which are then destroyed by ultrasound. The introduction of bubbles can be carried out both intramuscularly and intravenously (the latter method has long been applied to enhance the signal by ultrasound scanning). Under the action of ultrasound bubbles burst, causing a Microperforation in the surrounding cells, which make previously introduced DNA. Prospects of application of the proposed method, devoid of the disadvantages of viral approach is very broad. ?It seems that we have opened a new effective and safe way of delivering DNA into target cells, said in an interview with ?BBCo Dr. Martin Blumle, one of the developers of the methodology. I hope that in a few years it will completely replace the traditional approach to gene therapy using viral vectors. Meductic.

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