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the Americans were forbidden to grant patents on human mutants

 the Americans were forbidden to grant patents on human mutantsOn Monday, U.S. lawmakers were forbidden to grant patents on human organisms. We are talking primarily about genetically modified human embryos. As explained by one of the members of Parliament, Dave Weldon (Dave Weldon), patents as before will be issued on the cells, tissues, individual genes and new biological techniques. Thus, scientists can not be afraid that their biotechnological inventions will become unprotected. The head of the U.S. patent office James Rogan (James Rogan) said that he fully agrees with the decision of the Parliament and considers it invalid to grant a patent on the invention of a living person. According to Rohan, the new law will allow to decide the fate of many of the disputed patents. Now, for example, without fear of legal proceedings to register the embryo of the animal carrier of human genes, created by biotechnologists to get human proteins. However, with Weldon or Rohan do not agree in the organization of the biotechnology industry (Biotechnology Industry Organization). They believe that the new law may leave unprotected many technologies that use human genes. Therefore, the organization officially warned investors that invest in biotechnology now risky. Associated Press (translation Mednovosti.Ru).

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