"a Vaccine against Smoking" has become closer?

According to British scientists, testing a new vaccine from Smoking successfully. The developers of the pharmaceutical company Xenova say that it can be taught even teenagers, in order to discourage them desire to smoke. However, skeptics doubt that one shot, or one drop of vaccine can be so easy to end nicotine addiction - they say it can only be an additional help in the way of deliverance. The vaccine is that the brain of the smoker stops to get pleasure from nicotine . To apply it is possible also in the case of cocaine addiction. The vaccine is based on protein extracted from the same bacteria. This protein causes the human immune system to produce antibodies that bind nicotine or cocaine in the blood and in the brain these substances are simply not do. The pleasure centers in the brain does not get the usual impact, no euphoric effect of cigarette does not already, and passionate thrust, gradually fading away. Tests of the vaccine began two years ago, and on Tuesday, Dr. Campbell Bunce from the company Xenova reported the results at the conference of the British science Association in Salfords University. According to him, the tests showed that the vaccine does not give dangerous side effects and is well tolerated by the body. Vaccinate thus serves those who have long and unsuccessfully trying to quit the habit. But theoretically give this vaccine can even children, to eliminate the addiction to tobacco. BBCRussian.com.

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