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Cigarettes with low tar safer?

Cigarettes with low tar safer?In early January 2004 in the British Medical Journal published the results of a study examining mortality from lung cancer in smokers who preferred different tar and nicotine cigarettes with filter (ultra-light, light and traditional). Previous research suggests that smokers of "light" cigarettes inhale more deeply, staying longer smoke inside and smoke more cigarettes. Thus, all the "advantages" of "light" cigarettes evaporate like smoke from them! By itself, the conclusion is not new, albeit subconsciously, but guessed that many, not only specialists, but "heroes of the occasion - smokers! However, assumptions now found a scientific basis. It is important to note that this conclusion was made on the basis of the survey 940,774 Americans over the age of 30, which in 1982 were ranked on the present, past smokers and those who never smoked. It is among them that in the next 6 years were studied deaths from lung cancer. The results show that there are no differences in the frequency of deaths from lung cancer among individuals who use cigarettes with different nicotine content and resins. These results remain reliable and taking into account the impact of such known risk factors for lung cancer as age, level of education, consumption of vegetables and fruits, duration of Smoking. This regularity does not depend on gender smokers. In 2001 the EU has offered to label cigarettes with different nicotine content and resins using the following terms "mild", "light" and "low tar", but the global Convention against Smoking has urged the world health organization to limit the use of these terms.

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