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About the properties of stones and talismans

About the properties of stones and talismansAbout the properties of stones and talismans The choice and the time-worn stones are placed in a defined relationship with the planets and zodiacal constellations. The most favorable and are happy for the person those stones that are associated with the constellation of the Zodiac, the dominant one in the sky at the moment of birth and, on the contrary, the stones of the constellation, the opposite constellation born man, will be in dissonance with his nature and ruin his life. It is known that the stolen stones are negative properties, and purchased, on the contrary, become talismans. Best mascots are the stones, donated or inherited. Also not indifferent to the stones to the floor of its owner - womens stones happier at the hand of men, men on the woman's hand. Stones men are brighter and have dark tones and shades. Stones women not Shine so much and have cool colors and shades. Source:.

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