Every tenth child receives from the doctor wrong medicines

Every tenth child receives from the doctor wrong medicinesEvery tenth child receives from the doctor wrong medicines For every ten correct assignments of drugs, which are made by the emergency Department physicians hospitals have one wrong. Often the error is the wrong selection of dose or schema drug administration. These data were presented by scientists from Children's hospital, Toronto (Canada) in an article published in the journal "Pediatrics". In order to obtain a sufficient amount of data to analyze the frequency of medical errors when prescribing drugs, the researchers had to study 1532 history of children who stayed in the emergency Department of the hospital. Each assignment was assessed by two independent pediatricians on a ten-point scale, where "10" corresponded perfectly exact purpose, and 0 gross medical error. Analysis of the results showed that a mistake was 10.1 percent of all pediatricians assignments. Often doctors made mistakes during night duty in the period from 4.00 to 8.00 their frequency was increased compared with an average 2.5 times. Not the best situation was observed at the weekends on Saturdays and Sundays duty pediatricians prescribed the wrong dose of medication in 1.5 times more often than usual. Objects to incorrect destinations in most cases became aceaminophen (paracetamol), antibiotics, antihistamines and bronchodilatory drugs. In concluding its work, the researchers once again drew attention to the fact that only in the US incorrect administration of drugs become a cause from 44 to 98 thousand human deaths. Source: Medical Bulletin.

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