In death from malaria is to blame, not the disease genes

In death from malaria is to blame, not the disease genesIn death from malaria is to blame, not the disease genes Genetics can determine the increased susceptibility to several infectious diseases, says an Australian researcher David Bergner (David Burgner). This scientist working in the Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth, currently studying several genes, which can lower the body's defenses against diseases such as malaria. During large-scale work in the Gambia he examined more than a thousand children with severe forms of malaria, mainly with malarial coma. Scientists have suggested that to blame in the development of complications need nitric oxide, however, not being able to directly measure its level in the brain, they were looking for in patients gene, which is responsible for the synthesis of this substance. As expected, the researchers found a correspondence between certain types of genes and the risk of cerebral complications of malaria, as well as mortality from them. According to Dr. Bergner, this study shed light on the mechanism of development of malarial coma, will help to find effective methods of treatment and prevention of this very debilitating condition. Dr. Bergner is also studying the genetic predisposition to develop Kawasaki disease affecting the blood vessels, which is one of the first places among the acquired pathology of the cardiovascular system in children. More than a hundred families that reported cases are already involved in the study, a few hundred are on the queue. Among other studies of Bergner - examination of the causes of development of streptococcal infection in newborns. According to the scientist, this bacterium infected with a sexual way, 20 percent of mothers. Half of the infants, this microorganism is detected, however, only one to two percent of developing the disease. Dr. Bergner hopes to find the cause of this pattern. Their research scholar, spoke at the conference of the Australian and new Zealand College of anaesthetists held in Brisbane. Source:Рњednovosti and Madlena.Ru.

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