The patient can choose the hospital and the doctor

The patient can choose the hospital and the doctorThe patient can choose the hospital and the doctor Residents of Novosibirsk can now choose the clinic. According to "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", the opportunity to the residents gave the city's Department of health. In order to change the clinic, the patient must submit an application to the chief doctor, accompanied by his health insurance, and registration at the place of residence. Bureaucratic procedure takes a month. The newspaper writes that the Novosibirsk doctors borrowed this idea in Germany, where patients are allowed to change doctors every year. According to chief of Gorzdrava Vladimir Chernyshev, this system provided for by the Federal law could exist throughout Russia ten years ago. However, at the moment a similar experience in the country is missing. A big plus of this innovation consists primarily in the fact that every citizen of Novosibirsk has the right to evaluate the performance of doctors and to choose the best health care setting. As for the doctors in the clinics, he noted that this experience will bring unique benefits to themselves. Together with patients in the clinic will move and insurance money. According to Vladimir Chernyshev, among outpatient institutions in the city should begin competition that can significantly improve the quality of medical care. However, local authorities do not expect a massive jump from one clinic to another, because of proximity of the hospital to home patient enough for it not to change. On the other hand, the innovation will give the opportunity to "find out "who is who" among medical institutions of Novosibirsk, v according to "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". In addition, in 2004 in Novosibirsk Harddrive will work Department of the hospital. Before you send the patient to the hospital, the doctor is obliged to inform him about the availability. Thus the patient will choose, where it is more convenient to be treated. It is also planned to provide patient choice of physician. During hospitalization will be allowed a one-time change of physician, but only once and with adequate reasons. All these innovations, in the opinion of the staff Gorzdrava, will entail a reduction in the number of hospital beds and, as a consequence, the savings. Hospital, abandoned Novosibirsk, reorganize, probably in rehabilitation centers, hospices and day care units, which the city just aren't enough..

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