Cats too nervous about

Cats too nervous aboutAccording to British veterinarians, cats suffer from stress no less people. In the proof of scientists lead data from a recent survey confirmed that urinary tract infections, including cystitis, are more likely to occur in those animals that are under stress. Surveying the group of animals with cystitis and comparing the obtained data with the control group, researchers from the University of Edinburgh found that cats from the first group were more susceptible to stress. The biggest shake-up cats get into fights with relatives, followed by moving hosts into a new house and finally, another cause of stress is the emergence of a new member of the family - both human and one cat. Feline cystitis is a constant headache for veterinarians. It is difficult to cure, and the cure, often again. According to their observations, more common in kittens, receiving dry food, and sedentary males with obesity. As treatment is usually offered to transfer the animal to the softer foods and more active lifestyle. In addition, cats definitely need to bring water. The study was approved by the Scottish society for combating ill-treatment of animals (The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). "We always knew that cats are very sensitive creatures," says the representative of the Society Doreen Graham (Doreen Graham), but the data obtained in the study show that the problem of feline stress is spread even wider than we thought.".

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