EctropionEtiology, pathogenesis. Cicatricial ectropion is formed as a result of tightening of the eyelid skin after injuries, burns, systemic lupus erythematosus and other pathological processes. Spastic ectropion occurs as a result of contraction of the orbital part of the circular muscles of the eye. Senile ectropion is a consequence of the weakness of this muscle. Paralytic ectropion occurs only on the lower eyelid and there is paralysis of the facial nerve. The symptoms for. The eyelid margin behind eyes or turn down, resulting in the mucous membrane turned out, It gradually dries and hypertrophies. Together with the century departs from the eyes of the lacrimal point, which leads to tearing and maceration of the skin. From Nesmachniy palpebral fissure may develop keratitis with subsequent corneal opacity. Treatment. In spastic ectropion - therapy aimed at eliminating its causes. In other types of ectropion eyelid - surgery. The prognosis for a favorable view. Cosmetic effect and recovery of lachrymal depend on the type and degree of inversion, the timeliness and accuracy of operation..

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