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Sterilization of surgical instruments

Sterilization of surgical instrumentsHow is the sterilization of surgical gloves and brushes? Sterilized gloves is usually produced in an autoclave, for which gloves check carefully pour talcum powder inside and out, wrap gauze cloth. Can be sterilized gloves in a dry-heat chamber or by boiling. Pre-washed brush dipped for 2 - 3 hours in a disinfectant solution and only then sterilized by boiling. How is the sterilization of surgical instruments? Surgical instruments thoroughly washed in running water and dried. Then he lay down for 30 minutes in pre-heated to 50 'With a solution of washing powder, which added a few tablets perhydrol. Then again washed in running water and dried. Only after this treatment is boiled in distilled water for 30 minutes, or dry-heat sterilized in the chamber. After pyo operations tools in a solution of detergent should be able to withstand 90 minutes, and boil fractionally over 2 hours. Cutting tools do not boil, and immersed for 2 hours in 96 % ethyl alcohol. Toolboxes prepared for emergency operations, can be sterilized in an autoclave at 1.5 ATA (147,1 kPa) for 40 minutes. How is the sterilization of syringes and needles? Syringes and needles, reusable pre-washed and then sterilized syringes disassembled, put in cold or lukewarm distilled water without adding soda (sodium bicarbonate) and boil for 15-20 minutes. How is the sterilization of catheters and instruments with an optical system? Ureteric catheters and instruments optical system is sterilized or in pairs formalin for 48 hours, or pour 25-30 ml of pure formalin, or washed in a solution of oxycyanide mercury (1:1000)..

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