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Climate change reduce germs crazy

Climate change reduce germs crazyClimate change reduce germs crazy Global climate change on the planet is threatened by the increase of infectious diseases among animals and humans. As scientists say, global warming destroys the existing ecosystem, putting pathogenic microbes in a more advantageous position. The increase in the number react as disease vectors (mosquitoes, ticks, rodents), and microorganisms. Scientists note that with increasing temperature increasing, not only in the reproduction of insects, but their growth rate, the frequency of bites. Warmer winters may mean the disappearance of seasonal obstacles to the existence of sources of infection. Researchers are urged to pay more attention to the study of the mechanism of disease transmission and individual climate effects. As noted by the head of research of Other Harwell (Drew Harvell), it is surprising that dependent climate change, disease outbreaks occur with such different microbes, whether bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and in such diverse organisms as corals, oysters, terrestrial plants, birds and people. The concern is shared by his colleagues. Source:Рњednovosti and Madlena.Ru.

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