In Russia opened International centres of excellence

In Russia opened  International centres of excellenceJune 21, 2004 in Russia opened seven International centres of excellence of professionals in various areas of practical medicine. Centers headed by the leading Russian medical scientists. The organizer of this activity is Russian Medical Education Company (RMC). Confirmation of the importance of creating such a system of education in Russia was the fact that the proposal of the American colleagues were more understanding met at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. According to the President of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences, academician Century A. Pokrovsky: "the Need for non-state postgraduate education of doctors is very high. The activities of the established Centres of excellence will certainly contribute to increasing the professional level of Russian doctors, and hence the level of medical care in Russia". The initiators of the creation of Centers made us specialists who have devoted more than twenty years of organization in the system of postgraduate medical education (continuing medical education - CME) in the United States, European countries and Japan. The efficiency of this system allows hoped that in Russia, where, unfortunately, non-governmental postgraduate education of medical practitioners is not sufficiently developed, it will soon bear fruit. At the moment there are seven centres in various disciplines. The Board of each Center are prominent Russian specialists from various fields of medicine and has a rich scientific and pedagogical experience. The importance of these Centers for the Russian medical community is evidenced by the consent of the leading Russian scientists and specialists to become their leaders. So, Center of infectious diseases was headed by the President of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences C. A. Pokrovsky, Director of the Center for pulmonology became academician A. G. Chuchalin, on diabetes - Chief endocrinologist of the Russian Federation, D. M. H., Professor I. I. Dedov, in the treatment of pain - RAMS academician A. A., Bunyatyan, in the direction of "Hypertension" - CL.-the RAMS, Professor C. S. Moiseev, "Psychiatry", Director of research Institute of psychiatry of the Russian Federation, Professor C. N. Krasnov, "Gastroenterology" - Director of the Institute of gastroenterology, chief physician of the Department of health of Moscow, Professor L. B. Lazebnik. Medical Director of the program Centers appointed corresponding member of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences S. K. Sudakov. For each activity Centers set up tips, which include major Russian doctors and scientists. The main directions of work of the company RMC and Centres of excellence are: the quarterly publication of educational journals series "Modern medical practice" (specialized in a particular discipline), editorial boards each of which includes members of the Board of the relevant Centre. The pilot issue of the first three journals in this series, "Psychiatry", "Treatment of pain" and "Hypertension", is already out of print; conferences, seminars and schools for practitioners in the Russian regions; implementation of media projects - edition of lectures and other educational materials on CD and VHS, which will be sent to physicians, including by e-mail, and will also be available at the RMC website. Executive Director of RMC Timothy MacIntyre said: "the Main aim of our company is to provide the Russian practitioners access to the most up-to-date professional information. And to achieve this goal we will use all existing opportunities. The activities of the RMC will significantly expand and accelerate the exchange of the most advanced theoretical and practical medical knowledge, provide opportunities for regular interactive exchanges of specialists located in different corners of the globe.

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