Created "live" artificial kidney

Created In the United States ended the preliminary tests of a unique device - artificial kidney, which includes the "living" components. The organizers of these tests was evaluated as "successful". In the heart of the new artificial kidney is the culture of human renal cells. Blood from the patient enters into a special chamber, where it is in contact with these cells and purified them from the end products of metabolism, and then returns to the circulatory system. In fact, such an artificial kidney is no different from an ordinary - except that it is not in the abdominal cavity and the outside of the body. In the course of research conducted at the University of Michigan, this device was connected to the patients for up to 30 days. Unfortunately, it was not effective in all cases complete normalization of the functions of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system was able to reach only 60% of patients. But given the fact that at the beginning of the treatment they had documented acute renal failure and traditional methods of treatment could not give any results, this result can be considered satisfactory. "We expect that the existing results will be enough to obtain official permission to conduct large-scale clinical trials, said Dr. David Humes, one of the developers of the artificial kidney. In this case, we can compare the efficiency of our development and other devices for dialysis and finally determine whether it makes sense to us moving in the same direction of development of such devices.".

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