That means pain in the testicles?

That means pain in the testicles?Inflammation of the epididymis (epididymitis) In this disease, the testicles looks fine. Pain occurs in the epididymis, forming the beginning of the VAS duct (appendage begins in the lower part of the testis and passes him back). Due to the proximity of the epididymis and testis men suffering from this disease, always complain of pain in the testicle. Reason. Usually the culprits are bacteria, usually gonorrhea or chlamydia, which, in addition, urethritis (inflammation of the urethra). Experts suggest that the high pressure in the urethra causes infected urine to navigate semyavynosyaschemu the channel back to the appendage. The main reason for the increase of the pressure in this zone is sexually excited, but inflammation of the epididymis are and the old men, when bacteria spread from an infected prostate. The usual course of the disease. Inflammation of the epididymis almost always occurs on one side only. Pain increases gradually over one to three days. A sudden pain rather indicates "torsion" of the testis (see below). A man can mention other symptoms of urinary tract infection - fever, spontaneous urination or a burning sensation in the channel. Diagnosis. Medical examination reveals normal testis, but similar to the cord appendage behind it swells and becomes tender. If the patient stoically putting off a visit to the doctor, swollen and painful may be the entire scrotum. The urologist will appoint a urine test and possibly planting crops for the search of the pathogen. Testicular torsion Testicular torsion, being a common disease in adolescence, adults observed much less frequently than the inflammation of the epididymis, but if you are having pain, you should consider both possibilities. Don't be foolish heroism, delaying doctor's visits, because twisted testicle after a few days it dies. The causes. The testes and ovaries begin to form from the same primitive tissue deep in the abdominal cavity of the fetus. With the development of girls, the ovaries remain in the same place where formed, but in boys, the testicles descend into the scrotum gradually (so that they subsequently better cooling, since the sperm when the temperature of the body dies, and that is why men with newusername the testes of infertile). Each testicle hangs on the so-called spermatic cord, which includes arteries, veins and nerves, as well as a tube VAS duct. This design allows the testis to move forward and backward, and within certain limits to rotate around its axis, but sometimes it can be rotated at too great an angle and stay in this position. The reasons for this phenomenon is unknown; physical activity here, apparently, not as torsion often occurs during sleep. Cold weather somehow increases the risk, therefore, a role it can play in reducing the local muscles. The frequency of this disorder decreases rapidly after 30 years (at least some benefit from the total loss of elasticity that comes with age). The usual course of the disease. Typical torsion makes itself felt a sudden excruciating pain, often accompanied by vomiting. No one who has experienced this, will not stay with a visit to the doctor, but, unfortunately, in one third of cases of acute pain occurs immediately, but gradually increases. Torsion blocks the access of blood to the testicle, therefore, requires urgent intervention. Feeling a strong pain in the testicles, contact your doctor immediately. Restoration of blood flow during the first hours b saves 80-100% of the sex glands. When a delay of up to 2 days this figure falls to 20%. Diagnosis. When typical symptoms we immediately begin to suspect torsion. Inspection is difficult because the affected side swells and becomes too sensitive. Enlarged and painful epididymis even more convinced of the correctness of the diagnosis, especially if the egg is offset relative to its normal position. But the most reliable tests are ultrasound or scan using radioactive isotopes, since both measure and show the actual bloodstream. When the torsion in the affected testicle is missing, and inflammation of the epididymis or other inflammatory processes, blood or normal or even slightly increased. Orchitis Orchitis (inflammation of the testicles) is a fairly rare disease, except for complications of mumps. Many adults are afraid of the diagnosis, believing that a complication will lead them to sterility (infertility). I explain that it happens, but less often than they think. Reason. The mumps (mumps) usually affects the salivary glands of children, forming a strong swelling of the lower jaw and causing fever and General malaise that lasts about a week. The virus infects and other bodies, among them the most often (for unknown reasons) testicles. But this almost never happens before puberty. The usual course of the disease. Mumps in adults is not harder than in children, and orchitis strikes from 20 to 30% of cases. Only 10% of these cases reveals the defeat of both testicles. Symptoms appear suddenly, on the third or fourth day after swelling of the salivary glands: sharply raises the temperature, and the testicles swell and become painful.

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