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First photo of a deadly strain of avian flu

First photo of a deadly strain of avian fluSwedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyeter first napisala enlarged photo of the H5N1 strain with a high resolution. Picture was taken after the pre-scan image obtained heavy duty electronic microscope. Unique frame managed to get a scientific photographer Lennart Nilsson from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. It H5N1 looks like the thread bluish microscopic balls, attacking and destroying healthy pink cells of the human body. Initially, the 83-year-old Nilson asked to take a sample of the virus in several laboratories in the United States, but he refused. Subsequently, the photographer still got the virus from the world health organization. He was taken from the bodies of a man and his daughter who died from avian influenza in Hong Kong two years ago. Before photographing the cells of the virus was cultured in the Karolinska Institutet. By the way, the Lennart Nilsson is the first in the history of science snapshot of the moment of fertilization of the female egg, which was published in the book "the Birth of a child" in 1965. AFP (Russian text

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