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it is Established that, when in sleep there is no time better to curl up in the morning

it is Established that, when in sleep there is no time better to curl up in the morningPsychiatrists from Stanford University (California) began to study the human response to lack of sleep. Their first conclusion: if a person cannot sleep, it is better to not sleep late at night and early in the morning, he will sleep better. Also the initial stage of the study showed that there is a huge variation of different reactions to the lack of sleep. A study conducted by a team of psychiatrists and psychologists behaviorists, led by Professor Christine Gianino. The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of sleep on the body and, in particular, on the productivity of the person, as well as the search for the optimum time period that the person with disabilities is better to allocate to sleep. The studies were conducted in 8 men aged from 18 to 25 years. In the first two nights they were allowed to sleep for 8.5 hours and then observed their behavior in the next day. Then they were divided into two groups. For 7 nights slept with four 22.30 till 2.30 in the morning. And the other four fell from 2.15 to 6.15. Week experimental males did not come out of the lab. Scientists watched, how many times a day and in what period they were dozing as they could stand, if they were asked not to sleep for some time, they were offered tests for memorization, tests on the simulator driving and took their blood. Initially, the researchers assumed that the less people sleep, the more sleepy he is, regardless of when he managed to catch an hour of sleep. It turned out that this is not entirely true. Of course, without tests it was clear that by the end of the week, lack of sleep they were different people than at the beginning of the experiment. However, indicators of disability in the second group, who slept in the morning was much better than the one that slept until half past two at night. Moreover, it was found that they slept better in the allotted four hours - that is, less than woke up and quickly fell asleep. Professor Gianino emphasizes that the final test results are not ready yet, what is still more work to be done with blood tests. However, preliminary conclusions about how to sleep better in the morning than in the evening, you can use the professions for which restrictions during sleep is inevitable, for example, the military. The study only 8 people showed large variability in responses to chronic sleep deprivation. So, one person from the group in the morning, sleep began to show signs of fatigue only on the sixth day of the experiment. As a representative of the group of evening sleep so poorly adapted to the change of schedule that he had by the end of the experiments she had severe insomnia. The scientists also found that chronic sleep deprivation gradually inhibits the body's production of leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite. The decreased production of leptin causes excessive appetite, which eventually may lead to obesity. Professor Gianino makes preliminary conclusions - even a rare sleep - when we do not sleep a couple of nights before the exam or emergency to the project, important for the bosses, we harm these our body. According to the psychologist, in any case, don't sleep on purpose. You can think of other studies of the peculiarities of the dream, which was carried out previously. So, people who were placed in a dark room and made it impossible to observe the change of day and night, for some reason developed a 48-hour cycle of sleep and wakefulness. Based on this experience, researchers have begun to speculate, as primitive people lived in caves. It was also proven that waking up at night is not the first sign of insomnia, but the norm. A large group of people were placed in conditions where approximately 18.00 one day until noon the next lights dimmed and they had absolutely nothing to do. The first two nights, subjects slept, and over time the dream of most of them organized in the following way: they slept until around midnight-the hour of the night, then was awake for some time. Then fell asleep again. It turned out that it is perfectly natural rhythm..

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