Diet for weight nabradia

Diet for weight nabradiaBREAKFAST: a glass of fruit juice, a large portion of oatmeal, soaked evening with milk or water before use, seasoned with honey, grated Apple and grated nuts. A big piece of bread with butter and 2-3 cups of cocoa. SECOND BREAKFAST: a Cup of broth with egg yolk or a glass of fruit juice with honey and egg yolk, or a large piece of bread with butter and sausage, or a piece of bread with butter 50 grams of chocolate a Cup of yogurt. LUNCH: a Cup of a thick soup or fatty broth, pasta, or potatoes, or dumplings or rice with butter, salad with butter or mayonnaise. Large portions of meat. For dessert, pudding or ice cream coffee with cream. DINNER: a Large portion of rice with milk and fresh fruit, two pieces of bread, pint of milk. Before bed - 1 Apple..

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