Pregnant women are forbidden to work on the computer

Pregnant women are forbidden to work on the computerPregnant women are forbidden to work on the computer. It is sanitary and hygienic requirement applies in Russia for seven years, but still many women do not know about their rights, and employers are often not consciously inform them. From computer a pregnant woman should be exempted from the date of medical certificate regardless of the duration of pregnancy. For admission to the computer workers "in position" head of the company will be fined, said sanitary. According to doctors, this rule is explained by the peculiarities of this activity: a sedentary mode of operation leads to stagnation in the circulatory system, there is a voltage of view. In addition, it is still not studied the influence of electromagnetic waves on the embryo. Women expecting a baby, you cannot work in areas that do not have natural lighting. Office furniture is pregnant must also comply with the sanitary norm: the chair should rotate, to have adjustable backrest, headrest and lumbar cushion. To the requirements of the working conditions of pregnant women provided by the sanitary rules, also include the reduction of physical activity and prohibition of work on the Assembly line. Many employees of companies fined for violations of sanitary regulations, in his defense, lead the argument that pregnant women refuse to stop working, as it will lose in salary, said the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance. However, doctors believe that such questions employers should adjust not to the detriment of the health of women and future children. ITAR-TASS.

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