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Passive relaxation

Passive relaxationThe main purpose of the method of Bates, as is evident from the previous chapters, is to achieve the ideal state of mental relaxation. To achieve this purpose, we developed a series of exercises that can be grouped into several broad categories. All exercises with hands " feel used to treat refractive errors, presbyopia and strabismus practically without any changes and form the basis of treatment for all these types of visual impairment. Therefore, they are given to special exercises for each type of visual impairment, which already differ from each other and are of a specific nature. In conjunction with the special exercises basic exercises form a method of treatment of a disease or other lack of vision. All the nuances associated with the use of basic exercises in the treatment of a particular impairment described in the relevant sections of the Chapter "Additional comments and special exercises". Exercises on mental relaxation can be divided into exercises passive nature and exercise dynamic nature. Accordingly distinguish between passive and dynamic relaxation. This classification was first proposed by O. Huxley. In his book he writes that *relaxation:can be of two types, passive and dynamic. The art of seeing involves techniques of either kind of passive relaxation of the organs of vision during periods of rest and dynamic relaxation through normal and natural functioning during operation*. He further reports that the greatest success in treating poor vision can only be achieved by simultaneous application of both types of relaxation. In this section, we will introduce you to methods of passive relaxation. A distinctive feature of these methods is *idle*, the passivity of the visual organs, their stillness. The word *inaction* do not accidentally put in quotes because the eyes are, in fact, even in a dream does not stop its activities. The stillness of the eyes can also say with a high degree of relativity. Simply the designation of these methods as passive stresses less than if we were talking about dynamic relaxation techniques (Central fixation, blink, move, etc), the degree of motor activity of the eyes and other involved in the exercise of the organs of the human body..

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