Instead of ketamine veterinarians will be planted for laurabolin

Instead of ketamine veterinarians will be planted for laurabolinThe management of the Federal service for drug control of the Yaroslavl oblast has filed 2 criminal proceedings against 4 veterinarians, accused in the illegal purchase, transportation and storage for the purpose of marketing and sales of the drug laurabolin, steroid use as anabolic in veterinary medicine and in bodybuilding. According to the lawyer Eugene Chernousova, in the recent past focused on "ketamine" cases, the doctor-veterinarian Alexander Milevsky charged in 2 hours and 3 tbsp. 234 ("Illegal purchase, transportation and storage for sales and marketing of potent substances by previous concert by a group of people - up to 5 years imprisonment and Distribution of toxic substances in a large amount from 4 to 8 years). In addition, the doctor, according to the staff of the drug control Department, it was discovered ketamine, but this fact the doctor denies. Alexander Shchukin from Yaroslavl clinic "Biosphere" charged hours 3 tbsp. 234 hours and 1 tbsp. 174 - "the Legalization of funds obtained by other persons in a criminal way", i.e. actually by selling the drug. Two other doctors, Vladimir Kuznetsov and Andrew Merejina from the clinic "Dr. Doolittle" the city of Rybinsk, a criminal case for the same Art. 234, but while they are on the case as suspect. However, according to the information reported by the head of Department for internal and informational activities of the Federal drug control service of Russia, Alexander Mikhailov, against doctors from Rybinsk, we are talking about Art. 171 and 174 - "Illegal business activities" and "money Laundering", because the drug was distributed without a license for the conduct of medical practice. The doctors were detained on 28 February 2005, as in the case of "ketamine" cases during the controlled buy laurabolin the Federal drug control service officers. Was indicted on may 23. Laurabolin is an injectable steroid of veterinary medicine, the active substance which is an ester of nandrolone. In norm it is intended for the animals, which it is introduced for the recovery of atrophied muscles. Bodybuilders use it, because it has similar qualities with other esters of nandrolone (DECA-Durabolin, Durabolin, and Anadara). The main difference from the above-mentioned drugs is at the time of impact. Nandrolone laurate (Nandrolone Laurate) - active substance laurabolin - has a very long ester chain, and the half-life he is 12-16 days. In the rest of laurabolin is normal nandrolone, with all this steroid advantages and disadvantages. Nandrolone, in turn, relates to potent substances under special control of the state. Currently, of the more than two dozen "ketamine Affairs" the verdict ended the trial of the Moscow vet Alexandra Decoy, who was found guilty but released from punishment. Later, the conviction was quashed. More recently, attorney Olga Tenevoi, accused of selling ketamine, wrote to the Chairman of the Vladimir regional court of appeal, in which protection requires reversal of the conviction and send the case for retrial. Previously, the Presidium of the regional court recognized the legitimate sentence. "Izvestia",

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