Methods of Ayurvedic treatment

Methods of Ayurvedic treatmentLemon cleanses the blood, liver, lymphatic system and the pancreas. Use as follows: on an empty stomach drink warm water knead one slice of lemon. Apple cider vinegar cleanses the liver, kidneys, intestines from toxins, good for the lymphatic system. Take vinegar 1 tablespoon 3 times a day on an empty stomach. To cleanse the body can not only Apple cider vinegar, but also used melon, cabbage, red currant, cherry, cranberry. Free melon, arrange melon day. Berries should be eaten from the morning until lunch, and then to conduct 24 - hour fasting or 12 hour unloading. Don't forget that you can eat only one product. Cooking cereals Correct preparation croup several times increases their nutritional and vitamin value. Pour the rinsed barley warm boiled water, cover, and leave overnight in a cool place. In the morning the excess water drain, preheat to boiling moisture, about 5 minutes, set aside a portion for a meal, the rest of the rump put in a cool place. Cereal can be added on request, fresh milk, yogurt, butter or sunflower. Porridge is ready for use. Preheat the rump on the water (oils not to add). Cooking soups The soup is prepared without meat broth. The potatoes well cook for 5 minutes until cooked add bulked up for the night cereal, carrots. Parsley, dill add in fresh form in the finished soup. You can add sour cream, tomato. Marinating Pickling cabbage should be performed without onions, garlic, horseradish. Also pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, not mixing them together. Berries The use of sugar reduces the potency of the berries on the body. The best harvesting berries is drying, freezing, canning in their own juice. Food can be taken in the summer of not more than 20 berries at a time (strawberries to 10). When using berries you want to restrict all other special ambience, efficiency berries enhanced with the reception in the morning on an empty stomach..

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