Dust may affect the developing fruits

Dust may affect the developing fruitsDust and other types of pollution can affect not only people and animals, but also on developing fruits, than, say researchers In mice, led her out of the polluted air from the steel plant, the much more likely the children were born with obvious genetic mutations compared to mice led her out of the filtered air, and found that a group of scientists from Macmasters University, Toronto. "Our study identifies a portable air particles, which contribute to the stimulation of heritable mutations in mice, however, a direct link between mutations and impact on health has not been established," they write. "Despite this, structural changes in DNA were detected in the semen of humans after contact with contaminated air," write the researchers. Air pollution has also been associated with cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and birth defects, the researchers say, referring to numerous studies. Christopher Somers (Christopher Somers and colleagues placed the mice in cages in the periods in which the wind brought the pollution from the steel mill, Hamilton (Ontario). Some mice received filtered air, and the other got what brings the wind. "Mouse, led her out of the filtered air in the industrial area of the city, had 52% fewer mutations father's side than the mouse, led her out of the unfiltered air," they write. It is unclear how inhaled pollutants cause mutations. Mednovosti.Ru.

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