the presence of the father at birth leads to complications

the presence of the father at birth leads to complicationsHer husband's presence during childbirth may not be the best option for women. Data obtained by scientists from the University of Toronto, prove that if instead support the pregnant woman has experienced woman, even without formal education, mother perceives the events more positively, it requires less intervention by medical personnel. As shown, for example, the British statistics, less than half of women give birth naturally, 55 percent required the application of obstetrical forceps, vacuum extraction or even a caesarean section. As demonstrated by this study, if the ancestral house labor supports a woman, rarely have to resort to surgery and the use of strong painkillers. It is noted that the presence of men during childbirth has become popular only recently. Before it was decided that the task of moral support undertook a woman, as a rule, the older woman's mother or sister. There is even a special profession, which gave rise to the need for the presence of experienced women in childbirth. As noted in an interview to BBC, the British representative of the National Fund of procreation, the received data is "very important", as point the way to reduce the number of caesarean sections, which are increasingly becoming the country's choice of method of delivery. Commenting on an article in the Cochrane Library, he noted that a caesarean section is one of the few interventions, the use of which is doubtful..

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