Scientists have created samoshvatyvayuscheysya threads for surgeons

Scientists have created samoshvatyvayuscheysya threads for surgeonsScientists have created samoshvatyvayuscheysya threads for surgeons A new suture material, which has its own memory, will help surgeons to perform complex endoscopic intervention, reports New Scientist. Due to its unique properties of the thread, which was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, can change the tension of the suture under the action of body temperature, firmly pulling the wound edges. According to one of the creators of "smart" threads Robert Langer (Robert Langer, particularly the broad perspectives of the new material opens in endoscopic surgery, where interventions are performed through small holes. In such situations, it is often quite difficult to correctly impose the seam. The nodes may be too weak or strong, threatening complications. During the test of filaments of thermoplastic scientists first proved that they eventually dissolve themselves in the body, so that repeated operation is not required. Then they double the stretched filaments at a temperature of 50 degrees and was cooled to room temperature. After suture under the influence of the temperature of the body, the threads were pulled together, securely fixing the wound edges. This is only one of the possible applications of thermoplastic memory. It can create a lot of devices that will facilitate minimally invasive surgery. For example, you can create a reinforcing vascular stents, which are small at room temperature before introduction into the artery and increase the temperature of the body. The story about the study appeared in the latest issue of the journal Science.

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