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CarnelianCarnelian *134r*It is orange, bright yellow and reddish variety of chalcedony. Meat-red stone called as carneol. Carnelian is also greenish and white. Carnelian was considered a healing stone at all times: it was worn for the recovery of the entire body. Even in times of Hellas Greek women used it to make skin look radiant and fresh. He often helped the prophet Mohammed, which was very appreciated carnelian and was isolated from all gemstones. Scientists explain the healing properties of carnelian his weak radioactive radiation in doses that are most favorable to the human body. Light stripe on a red or orange stone just indicates the presence of such radioactivity. Carnelian operates at energies lower frequency vibrations than amethyst and rock crystal. In the late thirties of our century Professor E. Batygina conducted serious research into the healing properties of carnelian. She found that when small doses of natural radiation of certain types of carnelian essential life processes of the organism (for example, the division and growth of cells) are stimulated, and at high doses inhibited. During the Second world war serdolikovaja method of Professor E. Badilini was widely used in the Siberian military hospitals. Carnelian successfully replaced with antibiotics, which Russia did not. Long experience of research carnelian by this method showed that accelerates the healing of wounds, faster restores the nervous system, improves blood composition, edemas and tumors. It increases appetite and improves sleep. For use with Sard at home it to pre-heat (heating pad, hair dryer, iron or regular incandescent bulb) to a temperature of 40-50 degrees and make for 5-7 minutes to the sore spot. You have to spend 8-10 sessions. Very good results are obtained by applying Sard in the treatment of infertility in women and impotence in men. When the stones are placed around the navel. Meat-red Sard or carnelian, on the East women picked up during delivery. It regulates women menstruation, fever calms and strengthens teeth. It is recommended to wear in graves ' disease. Carnelian protects against disputes and quarrels, its primary purpose is to keep people from evil spells and wrinkles. Generally carnelian is considered to be extremely happy and healing stone. Carnelian is useful shy and absent-minded people. He is able to protect his master from hazardous waste vitality. Wear carnelian well in necklaces, gold necklaces, gold rings on the index finger or the little finger of the left hand..

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