What is the encoding

What is the encodingWhat is the encoding Encoding - inspired ban. The term put into practice physician Dovzhenko, A. R. in the 1980's. The prototype of this method was deliverance from alcoholism with the help of the Holy vow, which was used by Orthodox priests in the 19th century. Drinker, giving a vow was afraid of the anger of the Lord. In modern conditions the term encoding known various methods of treatment of alcoholism as the introduction of chemicals (especially effective way to provocation) and special psychotherapeutic influence. Based encoding lies fear of alcohol on the principle of "if you drink you will die." Persons who violate this prohibition, you may pay for the failure of various disorders. However, this treatment method, the recovery of the mental and physical condition starts to worsen. That's why many people feel a certain psychological discomfort after encoding: drink you want, and not. The nervous system is left without the usual doping continues to act up, metabolism, the functioning of the internal organs are restored with difficulty. Coding does not allow to drink alcohol, but does not eliminate the causes that gave rise to alcoholism. Therefore, not all patients experience this treatment as exemption from alcohol dependence. From my point of view, each person must find their own way of getting rid of this disease: some suitable encoding, someone alcoholics anonymous, and someone prolonged contact with your doctor. Source:.

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