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Astrological pharmacy ( Taurus, Libra)

Astrological pharmacy ( Taurus, Libra)Astrological pharmacy ( Taurus, Libra) Taurus and Libra are under the protection of Venus. Plants of these signs is amazingly beautiful, elegant with a wonderful delicate flavor. Flowers of Venus is an example of perfection. Enough to list them: hyacinth, irises, gillyflower, Lily, lilies, Narcissus, rose, RESEDA, Camellia, violet. As a remedy recommended Taurus "Venusian" plants : periwinkle, Senna, Melissa, Myrtle, sage, yarrow, celandine, sorrel. Libra you can stop your attention on the healing properties of tea rose close to this mark, the Pansy, the mother-and-stepmother, plantain. If a good therapeutic effect of the representatives of the signs Taurus and Libra will have: mistletoe - a plant-parasite growing on the branches of deciduous trees. Liquid extract of young leaves of mistletoe is used in hypertension, pulmonary and nasal bleeding and intestine atony. Mistletoe has long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of epilepsy and hysteria, as anthelmintic; periwinkle - lowers blood pressure, acts as blood, hemostatic and wound healing agent; Cassia( Senna) is recommended as an excellent laxative. Honey - 1 tablespoon per day. mother-and-stepmother - has a wide range of actions, but more often, this plant is used in diseases of the respiratory system; with the same purpose applies a Pansy, but it is a reliable remedy for chronic skin diseases, scrofula, boils, furuncles, is used inside for avitaminosis, slow-healing venous ulcers, rheumatic fever; Melissa is added to tea. Restores strength, calms the nervous system, relieves spasms and normalizes the liver, heart, strengthens eyesight. Myrtle-inhalation of vapors of this plant cures migraines, tincture of flowers Myrtle rejuvenates the skin; plantain is used for gastro-intestinal diseases, if lowered acidity, often used as an anti-inflammatory and wound healing agent; celandine - has a variety of medicinal properties. Anti-inflammatory, dezinfitsiruyuschee tool. In official medicine used in the treatment of cancer, is part of the pharmacological preparations. Source:.

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