In the development of toxaemia of pregnancy to blame genes

 In the development of toxaemia of pregnancy to blame genesBritish scientists have come close to unraveling the mechanism of pre-eclampsia is a complication of pregnancy in which the woman has sharply increased blood pressure, threatening the life of both mother and fetus. Pre-eclampsia was first described over 150 years ago, but its pathogenesis has remained unclear. The scientists, led by Dr. A. Moffet (A Moffett) concluded that in the development of pre-eclampsia guilty of improper interaction between cells of the fetus and the immune cells of the mother. In normal immune cells of the mother involved in building blood vessels that supply blood to the fetus. The interaction between cells of the mother and fetus mediate specific signaling proteins, the structure of which is programmed in the genes. Gene mutations lead to the synthesis of the "wrong" signal protein that disrupts the formation of blood vessels. What affects the blood supply to the placenta and there is pre-eclampsia. Examining 400 pregnant women, 200 of whom suffered from pre-eclampsia, and 200 were healthy, the researchers found that in all subjects of the first group the structure of the genes encoding signaling proteins, was different from that of healthy women. "We are still in the very beginning," says Dr. Maffet. - It takes a lot of research before we can say with full confidence we can say that we know what causes pre-eclampsia". If the assumptions of British scientists are correct, then in the future we will be able to carry out mass screening women to identify a predisposition to pre-eclampsia in advance, experts say. Medical News Today (Russian text

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