cell Phone impairs sperm quality

cell Phone impairs sperm qualityMobile phone on the third to impair sperm quality, it is not necessary to say much on it, just carry it with you. As noted Hungarian scientists, who told about this observation, it is especially dangerous to carry your mobile phone near the groin - in pants pocket or on the belt. The study's author Imre Fejes (Imre Fejes) from the University of Szeged examined 221 volunteer for 13 months. It turned out that the number of spermatozoa in the sperm of those who used the phone, was on average 30 percent lower. In addition, it was observed a higher percentage of damaged sperm, which further increased the risk of infertility. "Prolonged use of cell phones has a negative effect on spermatogenesis and the ability to fertilize, as the number and mobility of sperm," said Dr. Fejes. According to him will require additional research to confirm the findings and to clarify the mechanism of damaging actions. The research results will be presented Tuesday at the annual conference of the European society of human reproduction and embryology of man, which will be held in Berlin. Mednovosti.ru.

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