Veterinarian cause "bird flu" is not a wild bird

Veterinarian cause The cause of bird flu is not a wild bird, and uncontrolled moving home. This statement was made on Thursday at a meeting with journalists of leading veterinary doctor of the Moscow zoo Valentin colicin. "Nowhere and nobody has proven that avian influenza are wild birds," he said. "But the black market animal trade provides all conditions for an uncontrolled movement of unsurveyed birds". In particular, colicin noted the trade of parrots in Russia, 99% of which, according to him, sold illegally. Kozlitin recalled that "in the live bird, the disease progresses rapidly, it dies within 2 days, far to carry the virus she physically can't. In his opinion, "the measure of shooting birds is not effective." He noted that the shooting may entail the death of the rare bird species, as in the current situation people get together in informal groups and conduct, uncontrolled hunting of all birds in a row". The world already destroyed 145 million wild birds, and if we add to this destroyed chickens and ducks, the figure will reach 1 billion. According to leading veterinary doctor of the Moscow zoo, the most effective measure of protection against bird flu quarantine. "We have the ability to monitor the state of health of our birds and we are constantly doing," he said. Meanwhile, the chief veterinary officer of the same Moscow zoo Mikhail Alshanetsky stated that the management of the zoo ready to destroy all the birds in case of detection of avian influenza on site. If the virus penetrates into the Moscow zoo, first, all attempts will be made to save rare species of birds. To prevent the spread of infection is a sick bird isolates. "But if there was a requirement necessarily in accordance with the Russian legislation, we will destroy all poultry population," said Michael Alshanetsky at a press conference. Alshanetsky stressed that every day in the Moscow zoo, a thorough inspection of all birds for the virus. Interfax, RIA "Novosti"".

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