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Dislocations of the hip

Dislocations of the hipWhat is the mechanism of occurrence of dislocation of the hip? Dislocations of the hip is a relatively rare injury. They occur when vnutrepenialnyh injuries when the traumatic forces act along the axis of the bent knee leg at a fixed torso; when falling from a height. There are posterior dislocations (more than 90% of all fractures), naklonnye and locking. What are the clinical manifestations of posterior hip dislocation? When posterior dislocation of the leg is flexed at the hip and knee joints shown and dotirovana inside; when nadanam - straightened, a little reserved and dotirovana outwards, and the head is palpated under the groin (papatowai) bundle; when locking the leg is flexed at the hip joint, allotted and dotirovana outwards. How does the provision of patient emergency? Patient is placed on a stretcher on his back. Limb immobilized by putting pillows and clothing, without changing the position in which the fixed leg. Immobilization standard tires obychaemaja. Attempt to forcibly straighten, to lead or to retireval leg can lead to hip fracture. For anesthesia administered 1 ml of 2% solution of morphine subcutaneously. You should not attempt setting outside the hospital. The reduction of dislocation is possible only under General anesthesia with the ward in terms of trauma departments. The victim admitted to a casualty Department..

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