Why more boys born?

Why more boys born?Tomsk genetics found that female fetuses likely to survive to mid-pregnancy are significantly smaller than the male germ. It is well known that slightly more boys born than girls. Why does this happen, where the missing girls? Scientists from Tomsk examined 342 cases of miscarriage and, accordingly, the unborn embryos. They were divided into three groups according to the degree of disability that determined the sex ratio of groups and the frequency they have chromosomal mutations. Each group of girls was higher than boys. Genetic research has shown that germ frequency of chromosomal mutations ranged from 22 to 50%. It is understandable. Nature tends to immediately get rid of embryos with abnormal chromosomes, especially in the case where mutations lead to incompatible with life changes. But that is why among these embryos is dominated by the female germ type? This question still remains unanswered. Maybe the boys with altered chromosomes nature gives them a better chance if you get something good, and this change can be fixed in subsequent generations. If you get unwell, you will have the opportunity to weed out the weak: it is no secret that early mortality is higher among boys than among girls. Girls with altered chromosomes need to sort out all at once because they represent a conservative start, responsible for the preservation of the species as a whole. However, this is only speculation. Confirmed whether they will show further research. Medicus.ru.

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