Acupuncture helps headaches better tablets

Acupuncture helps headaches better tabletsBritish researchers have found that acupuncture is more effective for treating headaches than tablets, AFP reports. All participants in the experiment, the researchers were divided into two groups: one took traditional medicines, and the other was treated by acupuncture. It was found that the frequency of headaches in patients treated by acupuncture decreased by 43 percent, whereas in the group treated with tablet - only 16 percent. Moreover, after the acupuncture patients are much less likely to consult a physician than taking pills. Each patient kept a diary, in which daily recorded the frequency and intensity of headache throughout the year. Compared to taking medications, patients attending specialist acupuncture, 22 days less often suffered from pain, and 15 percent less likely to have been on sick leave for health reasons. "Acupuncture is a persistent, clinically significant improvement of patients with headaches, especially in the case of migraine," the authors conclude. According to the English newspaper the Times, acupuncture proved to be not only effective but also cheaper than pills, treatment for headache. This allows you to consider acupuncture as one of the official methods and to apply it in public clinics in the UK..

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