Treatments for diseases of the throat

Treatments for diseases of the throatHow is the lavage of lacunas of tonsils? Lavage of lacunas of tonsils is done usually with the help of laryngeal syringe. Tip it is introduced into the gap under pressure out of the gaps of the "tube" is composed of food debris, leukocytes, Kumanovo epithelium, microbes and other The liquid resulting from the gaps, the patient spits in the tray. Washing produce every day or two weak solutions of potassium permanganate, rivanol, furatsilina, a 1% solution of Iodinol, antibiotics. After washing the area of the gaps grease a 1% solution of iodine or silver nitrate. How to make a warm compress? A warm compress is used in inflammatory diseases of the pharynx to expedite the resolution of the inflammatory process, reduce the pain. Usually a warm compress placed on the neck for 2-3 hours several times a day with breaks in 2-3 hours. Several layers of gauze or other cloth moistened with water or diluted alcohol (take equal parts of water and 96 % alcohol or 1 part alcohol to 2 parts water), wring out, put on the neck and cover the compress voschanoy cloth or paper. Put on top of the cotton, wool or flannel (the second layer should compress the size to surpass the first, and the third must be greater than the second). Strengthened warm compress on the neck using the bandage so that under it they could not penetrate the air. This is achieved by holding the turns of the bandage not only around the neck, but.and around the head. What is the therapeutic effect of gargling the throat and how are they held? During this procedure, the mucous membrane of the middle part of the throat is cleared of accumulated secretions and moistened; simultaneously used for rinsing liquid has a therapeutic effect (disinfectant, astringent). Slightly alkaline rinsing thin dense discharges in the throat, promote easier to extract them, reduce the feeling of dryness in atrophic pharyngitis. In acute inflammatory processes in the throat, ulcers used for rinsing weak solutions of disinfectants, such as hydrogen peroxide (tea or tablespoon per Cup of water), potassium permanganate (slightly pink solution), boric acid (half a teaspoon per Cup of water) and other In some cases, the patient shows a inhalation? In acute pharyngitis use steam inhalation, which use special steam inhalers. In atrophic pharyngitis use of alkali-oil inhalation. For them there are stationary inhalation installation and portable vaporizers. How is the lubrication of the mucous membrane of the pharynx? Lubrication of the mucous membrane of the throat irritants means and indifferent oils are produced with the help of masively (direct - to oropharynx and bent at right angles to the nasopharynx) threaded on the end, which is firmly neverthelessa wool. At home the lubrication of the mucous membrane of the pharynx oil is achieved by burying his nose in the supine position. How are burns of the mucous membrane of the pharynx? Burning in the throat make a silver nitrate solution with different concentrations using smazawatee with firmly screw on its end with cutting wool. You must ensure that the cauterizing the liquid does not spread beyond prizivaemosti plot. You cannot apply for cauterizing soldered to the tip of the silver nitrate and chromic acid, as they can be partially or completely fall off from the probe and into the larynx or esophagus..

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