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CircumcisionThe operation of circumcision, or circumcise - is an operation on excision (removal) of the foreskin of the male penis. The foreskin is the fold of skin covering the glans penis. It distinguish external and internal surfaces, otherwise called the leaves of the foreskin. On the underside of the head is a longitudinal narrow crease that runs from the external opening of the urethra to the coronary sulcus. This is the frenulum of the penis. The space bounded by the foreskin, is called prepucialna bag. Who shows this operation Indications for circumcision rates are divided into two groups - medical and hygienic. Medical testimony to the work of circumcision is phimosis and damage to the foreskin. Phimosis The disease is a narrowing of the foreskin. Its causes are still not clear. The narrowing of the foreskin can be expressed in various degrees, ranging from the easiest, when the foreskin barely exposes the glans during erection, easily opening it in a calm state of the penis, to a very serious extent, in which during urination, the urine is first accumulated in prepucialna bag, and then dropwise stands out. Complications of phimosis Strictly speaking, the phimosis is not a disease, because it has no direct harm. But this condition is not dangerous to the development of more or less serious complications. The most frequent complications of phimosis are balanoposthitis and paraphimosis. Balanoposthitis is inflammation of the glans penis and the foreskin develops when phimosis in consequence of the fact that they violate the hygiene of the glans and prepucialna bag. The result is stagnation of smegma, dramatically increases the activity of microflora and inflammatory reaction develops. In severe cases, untreated balanoposthitis can go to gangrene of the penis. Paraphimosis is an infringement of the foreskin of the penis head. This usually occurs during sexual intercourse or Masturbation. As a result of certain loads foreskin barely exposes the glans penis, but may not return to its original position. Is the infringement of the head, the disruption of blood flow in it. This condition can lead to necrosis of the glans penis, so paraphimosis is an indication for emergency surgery. In addition to the just described, phimosis usually progresses steadily. This is due to the fact that constantly during Masturbation or sexual intercourse occur minor breaks and damage to the foreskin. They heal quickly and cause no trouble, but formed on the small scars are even more narrowing of the orifice of the foreskin. As a result, when the lack of treatment process can reach the above-mentioned problems with urination. Damage to the foreskin Any injury, open wound or a bruise foreskin are also an indication for the operation of circumcision, because during the healing process resulting in their place, the scar can cause narrowing of the foreskin. Hygiene indications for performing circumcision rates In the result of the operation of circumcision, the glans penis is always in the open state. As a result, the smegma, which is secreted her glands, does not accumulate in prepucialna bag, which reduces the risk of the development not only of balanoposthitis, but such unpleasant diseases such as viral papilloma, cutaneous horn, erythroplakia and leukoplakia of penis. In addition, many urologists believe that circumcision reduces the risk of cancer of the penis. And, although this issue is controversial, to deny the positive impact of circumcision rates on the hygiene of the genital organs of men is impossible. What is operation When circumcision surgeon-urologist partially or completely removes the foreskin. When complete removal of the foreskin, the glans penis is always open, partial, she half-closed in the relaxed condition of the penis. Contrary to popular belief, the frenulum of the penis during circumcision rates are not affected. Through it pass small blood and lymphatic vessels, nerve twigs. Excessive manipulation on the bridle can lead to complications of the operation as swelling and decrease the sensitivity of the glans penis. Often, however, phimosis is accompanied by a short frenulum of the penis (however, this condition often occurs without communication with phimosis). This condition, as well as phimosis, is not a disease, but can cause some problems. Often short frenulum of the penis, with its lack of elasticity torn during intercourse. After that, the wound can become inflamed, not to mention the fact that the pain and blood during sexual intercourse is highly undesirable and can cause a negative reaction partner. In addition, if after such a gap frenulum of the penis has healed itself, its length may not change or increased slightly, and the elasticity decreases. In turn, this leads to the repetition of such incidents. In such situations, a special operation, called plastic frenulum of the penis. It is cross-cut the frenulum and its longitudinal closure, which increases its length. Such an operation with one hand is almost 100% guarantee there are no gaps in the further sexual life, on the other hand does not lead to the above complications. Often the operation of circumcision and plastic bridles are performed simultaneously. Complications of circumcision rates The technique of the operation of circumcision is relatively simple, and the risk of intraoperative complications (bleeding and wound infection) reduced to almost zero due to the experience of the surgeon and the availability of modern tools and equipment. The operation usually lasts about half an hour, and after 2 weeks a man can live a full life, including sex. The circumcision rates there is only one permanent complication is reducing the sensitivity of the glans penis. However, this complication is often so desirable that the operation is performed only for the sake of it.

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