People will infect mice HIV

People will infect mice HIVNew methods of treatment of HIV/AIDS will be tested on mice. American scientists have made progress in experiments on infected rodents virus, which now have to study on monkeys. As I hope the authors of the study, it will lead to wider use of conventional laboratory animals to study the deadly virus. This work was carried out by a team of researchers from the University of California in San Francisco. Previously, scientists have managed to bring genetically modified mice, the immune system which has been partially replaced by a human. The AIDS virus can multiply in the body such mice, but only in the human cells. Its replication in many cases are blocked. Researchers have been able to solve the problem, and in this study they went even further. They were able to change the cell so that HIV-1 has become the predominant breeding virus, although it has not reached a level that is observed in human cells. In addition, as noted co-author Yong-Hi Zheng (Yong-Hui Zheng), there are other obstacles. The experts who commented on the study results, published in the pages of Nature Cell Biology, agreed that the work does not solve the problem, but noted that perhaps it is a step in the right direction..

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