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The Atkins Diet

The Atkins DietThe Atkins Diet You don't need to count calories. You can eat fatty fried geese or liver sausage, and from this You will lose weight. Suppose You do not believe, but actually it is. But better don't try it. One who consumes too much fat, but receives almost no carbohydrates from bread, potatoes, pasta or rice, that totally changes your metabolism to burn fat. Muscles need energy, and they take great expense of body reserves. When this is released and a lot of water, so that the first lost weight are clean water, but they don't yet have an ounce of fat. Then it comes to fat. Dieting becomes dangerous when fat people already have impaired fat metabolism and they overloaded kidneys. Because the Atkins diet large amounts of fat and protein in meat pose a burden on the liver, heart, circulatory system and kidneys..

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