Medical journals will become more honest

Medical journals will become more honestOne of the leading publishers of medical journals, "Nature Publishing Group", ordered their authors to report financial relationships with everyone who mentioned in their articles. This was done in order to avoid charges of publishing "custom" work. Previously, these requirements were required only to authors of works devoted to the experimental results, but not to the authors of the reviews. And it was the reviews that compare, for example, various methods of treatment of the same disease or different drugs that have the greatest commercial value is based on them are clinical guidelines and programs are developed drugs. It is worth noting that the reason for the tightening of the requirements was the scandal that erupted after appearing in the journal "Nature Neuroscience" frankly "custom" publications about new methods of treatment of depression. As discovered by the expert Commission, the author found three methods of treatment of this disease the most promising not because they were much more effective than the other, but from a purely commercial factors. The first method was to use the invention, the owner of the patent for which was the author himself, the second is to use the drugs, where the author was the owner of 60 thousand shares in the third - to use the products of another company in which "scientist" was appointed consultant. AskDoctor.

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