In Togliatti people were poisoned yogurt

In Togliatti  people were poisoned yogurtIn Togliatti 200 people were poisoned yogurt In Togliatti 200 people were hospitalized with acute intestinal infection. According to many patients, the cause of poisoning could be dairy products, particularly yogurt, according to the city edition "freedom Square". As stated in the service of the sanitary Togliatti, the city has developed the epidemiological situation in connection with the mass poisoning. A significant part of the poisoned children. Service ambulance delivers them to the Department of food poisoning the city hospital in a serious condition. Doctors say they have a high temperature, fever, and severe intoxication. As reported by the head of one of the offices of Tatiana Tragulina, along with the growth of intestinal infections in the town of reported cases of salmonellosis. With this diagnosis in the hospital do children from kindergartens. Causes of poisoning at the moment is not clear. According to specialists local MCSEs, residents Togliatti insufficient carefully monitor the quality that they consume food and forget to boil village milk and check the shelf life of dairy products. Epidemiologists intend to carry out raids on businesses, small retail and mini-markets", - the newspaper writes. Source:

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