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HeadachesHeadache is a very common ailment in late childhood and adolescence. Babies is quite rare. Usually the causes of headaches are fatigue due to incorrect mode of the day, intense mental activity, stay in a stuffy room, the lack of sleep. Parents should find out when the headaches begin, what is their intensity, localization, what are the symptoms of an ailment (for example, vomiting, dizziness, visual disturbances, sweating). Are there any changes in personality and behavior of the child. Girls headaches may be associated with menstruation. Headaches due to visual impairment: occur in children suffering from myopia, hyperopia, or violations of accommodation (i.e. the ability to change the refraction of light in an eyeball to get a sharp image) due to the long strain of view. Help: the child needs in consultation doctors and prescribing glasses. Headaches due to muscle tension in the head and neck: there are in adolescence. This is usually persistent, dull pain, which is increasing by the end of the day, then sleep disappear. Help: parents should ensure that the child is not sitting in the same static position during practice. Every 30-40 minutes to do a break and do exercises to relieve tension in the neck muscles. Migraine and other vascular disorders: headaches migraines linked to abnormal expansion and surge vessels feeding the brain. Often migraine suffers and some of the family members. Immediately before the headache is "aura": the child sees a slow-moving zigzag line, the vision subjects. He may have impaired motor coordination or confusion are drawn to him of speech. After aura begins the attack of headaches, often unilateral, pulsating, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The attack can last from 1/2 hour to several hours. However, it is often partial migraine" when the aura is missing, bilateral pain, no vomiting. Less headaches can be caused by narrowing of blood vessels and increase them in blood pressure (hypertension). Assistance: child, you should consult with a pediatric neurologist. Increased intracranial pressure: the symptoms of this ailment are headaches in the morning with nausea and vomiting. The reason could be a brain tumor. Help: urgently need to consult the child to the children's neurologist. Headaches inflammation of the sinuses, after taking the drug, inflammation of the middle ear, in starvation, diabetes and in some other cases..

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