The eskimo diet

The eskimo dietThe eskimo diet Eskimos radiate vitality, they rarely have excess weight and they almost never suffer from calcification of the arteries. Because together with a large number of mackerel, herring, salmon and trout on the table of the inhabitants of the polar latitudes gets the right amount of fatty acids that are very beneficial to health. In addition, these special fats lower cholesterol, form the important hormones in the body and regulate metabolism instead to settle in thick fat cells. Therefore, when the eskimo diet is used a large number of fish (fresh or frozen), but only with a small amount of vegetables and salads, and in the intervals between meals fruit. Sweets Smoking, as well as fatty meat, entrails or fat milk and dairy products. The result is about 1200 calories a day. This leads to rapid weight loss. However, when the diet lacks certain vitamins and minerals, and carbohydrates are important for energy production. Therefore, it may happen that a resident of Central Europe in the eskimo diet will not become slim, but you will only feel apathy..

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