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Americans have learned to accurately predict the life expectancy

Americans have learned to accurately predict the life expectancyAmericans have learned to accurately predict the life expectancy Thanks to genetic research conducted by American scientists, the elderly will be able to know the time of his life. Genetics concluded that the risk of premature death can be determined by the length of the end sections of chromosomes, reports the Agency Ananova. Researchers from the University of Utah studied the genetic material 143 people older than 60 years. The study centered on telomeres - the end regions of the chromosomes that prevent them from twisting. Telomeres contain specific DNA sequences, ensuring accurate reproduction of chromosomes. With age, the telomeres are shortened, making cells more susceptible to age-related degenerative diseases. American scientists have measured the length of telomeres in blood cells and compared them with the life expectancy of individuals. In a study published in the medical journal Lancet reported that the duration of life is directly correlated with telomere length. The part of the subjects, the length of the telomeres have been more lived in 4-5 years longer than patients with shorter telomeres. Practical Americans attach great importance to this study. According to them, it will be of great importance for medicine, and for the insurance system. According to scientists, people with shorter life expectancy will have difficulty with life insurance and health, but they could be rewarded with higher pensions because the state will not have to pay them too long. Source:

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