StAlien spawns "sleep paralysis""

 StAlien spawns You, the opportunity did not ever meet with little green men, trying to pull you aboard their spaceship? Do not worry, you are not alone. Thousands of people around the world claim that was face to face with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, and to suspect each of them in banal lies, generally speaking, there is no reason. However, as British scientists believe, nothing alien in a similar experience too. As shown by a study conducted by psychologists from London Goldsmiths College, people telling about their encounters with aliens from outer space have increased susceptibility to so-called "sleeping paralysis" - a special state of consciousness between sleep and reality, from which, the person is unable to move and may experience visual and auditory hallucinations, not being able to distinguish them from reality. Often in this state, the people seem bright flashes of light and terrible creatures. Asking subsequently, the question was whether what he saw and heard them actually or they "went to the roof", many people think that it really met with aliens. However, by itself, "sleep paralysis" is not able to explain it all. About 40% of people experience this condition at least once in their life, but not all of them tell me later that he saw a "flying saucer." As the scientists, the majority of those who says that they have experienced such an adventure, and had previously expressed interest in paranormal phenomena. In addition, psychologists have discovered they expressed "dissociative tendencies: in other words, they had a tendency from time to time completely "forgotten". However, hardly probable not the main feature of the surveyed participants interplanetary contacts turned out to be a painful need to feel their own election. The fact that they fell choice of green people crossed half the Universe to explore humanity, warms his soul. Utray.

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