"Harmless" laser eye surgery often lead to loss of vision

"Harmless" laser eye surgery often lead to loss of vision The solution of the question about the possibility of laser vision correction must be made individually for each patient. New patient guide, which was released by the American specialists from the Educational Council for ophthalmic surgery, will allow one to determine the risk associated with holding very popular LASIK surgery. Only in the United States annually, more than a million such operations, so that even a relatively small percentage of complications leads to thousands of victims. According to the results of recent studies, the risk of complications can reach five percent. The operation may even lead to the loss or significant reduction of vision. As stated in the new administration, the patient is extremely important to imagine how much test you should pass in order to be sure that the operation risk is minimal. The measurement of corneal thickness and maximum width of the enlarged pupil. If the doctor does not appoint such studies, it is better to think about how to refer to another. Not suitable operation to those who annually have to ask for prescriptions for stronger glasses, persons suffering from certain impairments and healing process. Will not help LASIK those old needs glasses for reading. An alternative is to have surgery on only one eye, which focus at a close distance, but not everyone can get used to this change. Источник:Мednovosti.ru and Madlena.Ru.

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