Source SARS were raccoons and badgers?

Source SARS were raccoons and badgers?It is animal to blame for the emergence of the SARS virus, said Thursday supervisor pulmonary center of Krasnoyarsk, Professor Yuriy Tereshchenko. According to him, the virus was transmitted from raccoon dogs and badgers, which are bred in China for cooking. This harmless virus from the family of coronaviruses, by the way, his relatives cause the common cold, mutated, and there is a new threat to human strain of the virus with increased aggressiveness to the respiratory tract. The danger in the fact that the first symptoms of the disease are similar to other viral diseases include high fever, headache, muscle pain, sore throat, dry cough and shortness of breath, quickly turns into acute pulmonary insufficiency. However, Professor Tereshchenko pretty optimistic. According to him there are medications that successfully resist the virus. It is primarily Ribery used for the treatment of acute viral hepatitis "C". The combination of riomedina to steroid hormones, appropriate therapy, until respiratory support has a positive effect, according to With regard to the situation in Russia, Tereshchenko said that to completely avoid cases will fail is too big migration, especially illegal. You should add a considerable length of the border with hearth disease - China. Previously, the Hong Kong scientists, who managed to successfully select the type of coronavirus that causes the disease SARS, stated that carriers of the SARS virus was a wild African cat civet. Directed studies head of Department of Microbiology, Hong Kong University yuan Quoc Jung. A group of scientists, which he heads, had previously announced that SARS is of animal origin. But then the scientists could not say from which this animal has been the SARS virus. This same group of scientists the world's first identified SARS as a kind of coronavirus. About African cat-civet science is not much known. This animal was described by British researcher Willoughby Lowe. According to his report, cat civet (or genetta lo) has a distinctive color on her skin has spots lemon color, larger body and small feet. Recent data about this strange creature belong to 1932, after which genette lo has never been seen - until recently, when buried by the community of biologists the civet was photographed by Daniel Luke, scientists from the Society for the protection of wildlife, conducting research in Tanzania on the Eastern side of the National Park udzungwa mountains. While, moreover, that cat civet leads nocturnal and lives in the trees, nothing about her is known. The world health organization (who) stated that the SARS virus could be transmitted from animals. In the opinion of the representative of the organization, the virus of atypical pneumonia "is more contagious than the viruses that cause diseases such as Ebola," which raged in different parts of Africa. Scholars have put forward different versions of what the animal could be a source of spread of SARS. One thought, the cause of the disease site in China could be snakes or chickens. According to another version, the carriers of the disease are cockroaches. This was stated by the Deputy Director of the Department of health in Hong Kong LAN Pak Yin. According to him, patients claim that suddenly become ill SARS, not being previously in contact with strangers. Perhaps that insects are the reason for such a rapid spread of SARS. [].

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